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New School Year 2014-2015

New Student Orientation will be held August 25, 2014 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Back to School night will be held on September 16, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for grades K-4. Grades 5-8 will have Back to School Night on September 18, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Back to School Community Fair will be held September 13, 2014 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Come out to kick off the new school year. There will be fun, food and games for everyone. If you would like to be a vendor or purchase a table for the yard please contact the PTO at

First Day Letter 2014

Dear Eagle Families,

I hope you had a few moments to enjoy unusually cooler weather, catch up with your loved ones and relax at bit these last few weeks. In just a few short weeks, we will be welcoming back our Eagle Scholars for the 2014-2015 school year. We’ve continued to stride in our academic performance and we achieved a B+ by Imagine National for our Character Education Program. Hip, Hip Hooray! Kudos to the following teachers for significant academic gains-

  • 6th grade MSA Reading- 7 point gains
  • 8th grade MSA Reading – 21 point gains
  • Cohort 3rd-4th Reading- 12 point gains
  • 8th Grade MSA Reading- outperformed PGCPS
  • 7th grade MSA Math- 8 point gains
  • 8th grade MSA Math- 20 point gains
  • Cohort 7th-8th Math- 8 point gains
  • 8th Grade MSA Math- outperformed PGCPS
  • 4th and 6th grades Reading SAT 10 learning gains above 1 year’s growth
  • K, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th grades Math SAT 10 learning gains above 1 year’s growth

We have been diligently planning for the upcoming school year and have hired a few new faces. Please welcome our new Eagle Team Members. Additionally, we’ve made a few transitions between positions and grade levels, see updated instructional staffing below.

K- Mrs. Delarea, Mrs. DeCastro                                 5th– Mr. Allen, TBD*

1st– Ms. Graeff, Mr. Miller                                             6th– Mr. Bryant, TBD*

2nd– Ms. Parker, TBD*                                                   7/8th– Ms. Grant, Mr. Johnson,

3rd– Ms. Hewitt, Mr. Glantz                                          Mrs. Semilla, Mr. Crowley

4th– Ms. Rowden, Ms. Haskett

Congratulations to Mrs. Elkins who was promoted as Testing Coordinator and Mr. Johnson Mrs. Brown who will assist with mentoring teachers.

* Staff vacancies are expected to filled as soon as possible. The hiring committee is conducting interviews regularly as candidates are recommended.

A few other changes-

  • Grade 3 is self-contained with the same teacher teaching all subjects.
  • Grades 5-6 are departmentalized for RELA/SS and Math/Science.
  • Spanish is only offered in grades 7-8th due to the MSDE requirement for high school credit.
  • Grades K-8 will receive technology in our computer lab.
  • Instrumental music is required for all 4th graders; interest invitations for grades 5-8; contact Ms. Israel for more information (

Other Developments-

Budding Athletics Program-

  • We will continue with our boys’ and girls’ basketball and track teams as well as cheerleading. We are also considering adding intramural sports for soccer and baseball.

SL/YME Mentoring Program-

  • Mrs. Mboma has been planning with Girls Self-Expression Program to bring an inclusive girls’ mentoring to our SL (Sophisticated Ladies) scholars. Our YME (Young Men of Excellence) will receieve a similar component, pending confirmation. Committed volunteers who can commit to 3-6 hours of mentoring per month are needed. Please email Mrs. Mboma at or Mr. Smith at with interest.

Benchmark Assessments

  • In order to track student progress and need for academic interventions, we will use the STAR Assessments (formerly we used MAP), All students will take this assessment in early September, December and April. We use the results to make the best instructional decisions and possible academic interventions to ensure students make a minimum of a year’s growth within a school year.

Intervention Programs-

  • Students identified from our STAR assessment in September as significantly below grade level in reading and/or math will be referred to our Intervention Team. Participating students will attend intervention lessons with one of the intervention teachers focused on the child’s areas of need during his/her specials block 3-4 times/week. Sessions are limited to 6-8 children and meet two to three days per week based on the student’s needs. Parents meetings to discuss concerns and progress will be scheduled with the Intervention Teachers. Children who did not qualify based on the fall MAP scores can be referred by his/her family and/or parents and scheduled for a data analysis meeting.

Academic Program Changes-

  • We’ve adopted Math Expressions and Writing Fundamentals as our primary math and writing resources. Teachers will still use Saxon Math as a supplemental resource. All K-8 students will participate in the new programs. Classes this year will be organized mostly by students’ math ability instead of reading ability and students who are capable of above grade-level instruction will receive it through our differentiation model as for any other subject.

Classroom Libraries-

  • All classrooms will have an enhanced library housed within each classroom. We were able to fund our classroom library initiative as well as purchase additional materials through the fundraising efforts of our Fall and Spring Book Fairs last year. Students will be able to borrow books at his/her leisure and teachers will assign books for students to read independently and/or with a peer or two.


  • Free and Reduced Meals (FARMS) applications will go home in the Monday Folder the first week of school. All interested families must complete the form to be considered for FARMS. Only 1 form needs to be completed per family; even if his/her sibling is in another PGCPS school. Food and Nutrition expects that all families be able to provide lunch and/or lunch money until the newly submitted application is approved in late September. Full lunch fee is $2.60, Full breakfast fee is $1.50. Milk sold separately is $.55. Reduced lunch varies. You can add monies to your child’s account at this website:

Agenda Books/Monday Folders-

  • Monday Folders are required in Grades K-4 and recommended in Grades 5-8. Teachers will hold all current work and important papers to send home to you on Mondays. The folder you receive the first week of school is your child’s Monday Folder. Please return it by Wednesdays of the same week.
  • Agenda books are REQUIRED for all grades. The cost is $6 including tax. This is the daily communication tool between school and home. Homework, behavior notes, kudos, etc. should be noted in the agenda book daily.

Schoolmax (Parent Portal)-

  • All families have Schoolmax access. This permits you to view your child’s attendance and academic grades daily. Teachers will update grades no later than Sundays every week. You also are able to update your home address and contact information. Once updated, Mrs. Moody must verify all addressed and approve the updates. If you need schoolmax access please contact Mrs. Moody at


  • Our Board of Directors, staff and parents continue to uphold a very strict uniform policy. See flyer attached. Changes this year are that students are permitted to wear ALL BLACK tennis shoes of any sort in addition to the preferred black or brown uniform shoes.


  • Students attending any public school in PGCPS or the State of Maryland must have up-to-date immunizations. Our nurse will be contacting you within the first 30 days of school for outdated or incomplete records. Please ensure your child(ren) have all immunizations so his/her attendance is not in jeopardy.

Drop -Off (Arrival)-

  • Car Riders– we ask that all parents drive onto the campus to circle around the back parking lot and line up in our Kiss and Ride line to drop off students for arrival. Arrival begins at 8:10 a.m. for breakfast students and 8:15 a.m. for general admission. Walkers– students should enter on the left-side (facing the front of the school) sidewalk and await for directions from a staff member about safe crossing.
  • Vans and van riders will participate in the kiss and ride drop-off this year instead of pulling in the front of the building and turning around. This will ensure that all students are safe at all times.

Pick-Up (Dismissal)-

  • Car Riders– will be released at 3:15 p.m. from the rear of the building to the back parking lot closest to the field. Each teacher will walk all car riders to the black top and await a parent, guardian or relative for safe pick-up. Cars will pull into the second entrance on the back parking lot and park to the right at the very end. Parents will then go to retrieve his/her child directly from the teacher. Van Riders release at 3:10 p.m. Vans will line up first come, first serve in a single file line from the front of the building along the backside. Walkers released at 3:10 p.m. will exit the front of the building to the right, await a staff member for safe crossing in a non-traffic area and walk along the right sidewalk (facing away from the school).

Our team is excited to welcome back our Eagle Family and greet any new Eagle family members joining us this year. Please ensure you check the Schoolmax parent portal regularly. You can also find additional information at our school website: I communicate regular reminders, updates and monthly newsletters through email. If you’d like to be added to this list serv, please emails me at

Dates to Note-

8/21/14- K-4 Back to School Night, 5:30 p.m.

8/21/14- 5-8 Back to School Night, 7:00 p.m.

8/26/14- First Day for Students

9/1/14- Labor Day, Schools and Offices Closed

9/13/14- Back to School Community Day, sponsored by the PTO

9/19/14- Professional Development Day, No Students





Danielle L. Ellis

Men Make a Difference

PGCPS recognizes annually the necessity to involve more male role models in education. This year our school created a short video of students expressing their compassion for men to be more involved in public education. We also hosted a continental breakfast for our participants and their children to enjoy and classroom visitations were permitted.

Giant Reward Program Benefits Our School

You can help! Log on to and choose “Designate Your School” from the A+ menu on the left to register your card online. Then, each time you shop at Giant using your Giant Card*, you will earn CASH for our school! Each month, the amount of CASH awarded will be updated on the Giant website. Our school will receive a check at the end of the program. The money can be used for any of our school’s educational needs!Taking just a minute of your time to register your Card can make a huge difference to our school. We need your support! Please be sure to register using ID #18218 at Also, don’t forget to encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. It could mean the world to our children!