The Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School Board Members

Imagine Schools Non-Profit, Inc. establishes the Charter Board, whose members are appointed on the basis of any criteria deemed relevant to the selection of members consistent with the school’s mission; particular consideration will be given to individuals to be well representative of the charter school community served by the school.

Charter Board members serve three-year terms, unless removed by or as a result of the earliest to occur of: 1) operation of law; 2) an order or decree of any court of competent jurisdiction; 3) voluntary resignation, or 4) removal by a two-thirds majority of the Board. An individual who has served a term may not be eligible for another term until one year has passed following the last day of the individual’s preceding term.

Roles and Responsibilities

Among their roles and responsibilities, each of the Charter Board will:

  • Understand and actively endorse Imagine Schools’ Six Measures of Excellence
  • Support the philosophy of Imagine Schools and serve the entire school community
  • Help Imagine Schools assure school operations in compliance with the charter and other obligations, and encourage and support the Imagine employees (teachers and staff) working at the school
  • Help establish strategic direction, set broad policy, steward the assets, and give input into the approval of the principal, all in support of the organization’s stated mission
  • Attend the school’s major public events and fundraisers, celebrate the successes, and actively encourage support and attendance by friends, colleagues, and associates
  • Be responsible for the fiscal oversight of the charter school, knowing what the budget is, and taking an active part in reviewing and approving the budget, as well as monitoring performance against that budget
  • Positively represent the organization in the best possible ways and champion the cause at every opportunity
  • Understand that one of the most reliable measures of a charter school’s quality is parent choice as demonstrated by a full school, indicating that the school is highly desirable to other local alternatives available to parents


Meetings of the Charter Board shall be called at places within or without the State of Maryland and at times fixed by resolution of the Board or upon call of the majority of members. Click here for a list of dates and times.